Dancing Dragon Acupuncture & Wellness

Dancing Dragon Acupuncture & Wellness
Business Name: Dancing Dragon Acupuncture & Wellness
Name: Margaret Landry, L.Ac.
Street Address: 3011 36th Ave S, Ste 2
City: Minneapolis
State: Minnesota
Zipcode: 55406
Phone: 612-437-0707
About: Dancing Dragon is a general acupuncture practice with special interest in diabetes, chronic disease, and musculoskeletal issues. I have a strong focus on patient education, with the recognition that while acupuncture can bring a patient forward a couple of steps, what that patient does between appointments can make them backtrack. I strive to empower patients to take charge of their wellness by making simple lifestyle changes and incorporating easy self-care practices.

I have added health coaching to help patients discover what really motivates them to make changes and to keep that motivation ever present.  Based on what I learned as a resident of Kripalu Center, as an Impact Self-Defense and Empowerment instructor, and through other holistic training, I designed the holistic diabetes support group to address many of the challenges we diabetics face daily, as a safe place to celebrate small victories, do some meditative activity, learn new strategies for managing ourselves, and enjoy humor together.  See also www.holisticdiabetessupport.com.

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