Longevity Wellness Group

Longevity Wellness Group
Business Name: Longevity Wellness Group
Name: Tamara S. Norris
Street Address: 4101 Marathon Blvd
City: Austin
State: Tx
Zipcode: 78664
Phone: 512-773-4209
About: Tamara Norris holds a Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine and is an NCCAOM Diplomat.

Tamara Norris focuses on health restoration by taking a holistic approach to wellness using acupuncture,herbs, nutrition, and other traditional Chinese medicine techniques. She encompasses a thorough understanding of conventional and traditional medicine and uses an integrative approach to adress a variety of ailments including complimentary care for diabetes, cancer, and chronic pain,. Tamara is passionate about helping people achieve optimum health, strength and vitality. Tamara Norris has been practicing acupuncture, herbal medicine, Chinese dietary therapy, and Asian Bodywork extensively in Texas for 10 years.

  • Longevity Wellness Group
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