Renton Acupuncture

Business Name: Renton Acupuncture
Name: Jessy Daya-Washburn
Street Address: 17422 108th Ave S.E.
City: Renton
State: Washington
Zipcode: 98055
Phone: 2064709085
About: I have practiced acupuncture in California, in the Australia and New Zealand area, and now in the state of Washington. I have a wide range of experience treating a variety of ailments on a diverse patient population. Though my specialty is pain management, I also successfully treat internal medicine disorders such as respiratory (asthma, allergies) issues, digestive (IBS, Crohns), emotional (stress, anxiety) issues and gynecological and urinary disturbances.

I integrate a variety of acupuncture styles (Chinese, Japanese and Western) to achieve results. I use cupping and therapeutic massage to complement my treatments.

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