Center for Intractable Pain Management (CIPM), LLC

Business Name: Center for Intractable Pain Management (CIPM), LLC
Name: Eric M. Hao
Street Address: 3636 N MacArthur Blvd STE. 185
City: Irving
State: Texas
Zipcode: 75062
Phone: 214-609-3421
Fax: 972-499-4066
About: CIPM (Center for Intractable Pain Management) is a place of providing relief for those who suffer from intractable pain and extremely painful disorders such as; RSD/CRPS, Terminal Cancer Pain including numbness and other long-term chronic intractable pain disorders. Especially those failed to respond to previous treatment protocols.

We help you relieve your pain with VFT Medicine without any complications from injections, medications and surgeries.

There is no pain cannot be relieved, and we relieve your pain in five to ten minutes.

If you have painful or non-painful disorders that other practitioners claimed to be helpless or hopeless, CIPM is the place for you.

Come and bring a better quality of life you deserve, and bring you back to your family!

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