***Patient Education Video Series***
Healing Your Eyes with
Chinese Medical Ophthalmology &
Naturopathic Medicine


Every week Dr. Rosenfarb offers in-house lectures to his eye patients and their family members.  The information presented in his talk is loaded with concepts that you will not hear anywhere else. Therefore, we have decided to make the talks available to everyone … starting right now!


Andy teaching

The 3-hour presentation has been broken down into a series of a dozen or so topics, each segment lasting about 10-15 minutes.  Topics of discussion include:

1- History of Dr. Rosenfarb & AcuVision Development
2- Research on Acupuncture for Vision Loss
3- Eye Anatomy/Physiology and How we See
4- What Causes Degenerative Vision Loss
5- Conventional v. Holistic Treatment
6- The 3 Main Accelerators of Vision Loss
7- How Acupuncture Works for Vision Loss
8- Stress and Its Impact on Vision
9- Managing Stress for Better Vision
10- Exercise, Diet & Lifestyle for Better Vision
11- Choosing the Right Doctors
12 -Home Care for Vision Preservation
Dr. Rosenfarb is a leader in the field of Integrative Eye Health
and Chinese Medical Ophthalmology.
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