Author Guidelines for Try Acupuncture Magazine

Try Acupuncture welcomes original articles, industry news, op/ed pieces, high-resolution photos, and other editorial contributions from professionals in our field.

If you have an article already written, you may submit it for review per the instructions below. If you have not yet written an article, we recommend you check with the editorial staff to see if the subject matter is applicable and/or to ensure the topic has not already been published recently.

All accepted works are subject to a thorough editorial process. Please note that acceptance of an article for publication is not guaranteed until the editorial staff has fully reviewed the content. Additionally, should an article be accepted, it may be embargoed for a later publication date, per the discretion of the Editor-in-Chief. Authors will be informed by email if/when an article will be published.

There is no charge for article submission, nor is there compensation. However, authors whose works are published will be granted special pricing of $5 per issue (a $3 savings from the regular per-issue rate).

Article Format Requirements (please read before submitting an article)

Try Acupuncture’s Article Format Requirements sheet below provides prospective authors with the framework for how they can submit an article for publication. The sheet includes information on the approximate length and content for article submission, along with contact information.



  1. Articles should be sent as email attachments (Microsoft Word) to, or mailed on a USB flash drive (see below).


  1. References: should be given wherever possible for quotations, specific information referred to in the text, statistics etc. References should include author(s), title of book (or, if a journal: title, date, volume/issue number), publisher, page number.


  1. Article Length: please keep the article between 650 and 1,600 words.


  1. Author Bio: please include a brief author biography, <50 words.


  1. Chinese texts: should be referred to by Pinyin name and common English translation; e.g. Su Wen (Plain Questions).


  1. Illustrations: We accept high-resolution digital photographs and material for scanning. If tables, charts, etc., are to be included, it is generally best if we produce the final version of these from your drafts.


  1. Acupuncture Points: should be referred to using its Pinyin name and point number, e.g. Zusanli ST-36.


  1. Herb Names: should start with the Pinyin name followed by its Latin scientific/botanical name (italicized), e.g. Huang Qi (Radix astragali), Zhi Gan Cao (Radix Glyxyrrhizae uralensis), etc.


  1. Herbal Prescriptions: should state the Pinyin name first, followed by the English name; e.g. Wu Ling San (Five Ingredient Powder with Poria).


How to Submit an Article

If you have authored an original article and would like it to be considered for publication, you can submit it to Try Acupuncture via

e-mail ( Reminder: it must include a high-resolution color photograph of the author and a short biography (50 words max).

If submitting article(s) on a USB flash drive, please mail to: Try Acupuncture Magazine, P.O. Box 412, Del Mar, CA  92014, and include a hard copy of the article(s). NOTE: author will be responsible for mailing costs. The USB flash drive will not be returned unless a self-addressed stamped envelope with proper postage is included.

Please ensure all guidelines as outlined above have been followed and your article has been proofread prior to submission. This will allow for a more timely review by the editorial board.


If you have any questions regarding submitting an article, please fill out the following contact form:

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